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    Can you add Buttons to flyout toolbars in 2008?

    Andy Sanders

      I wanted to add "General Table" button to the Table flyout menu under "Annotate" in a drawing.

      I've attempted to drag the button to the flyout menu from "Customize" but it won't take. I know I could just add it next to the flyout button, but if the flyout is right there, wouldn't it make sense to just add it?

      I tried to float the flyout and add it there, but I stupidly realized it's not a floatable toolbar, just a button.

      I kind of assumed that the flyouts are nothing more than a shorter version of the existing toolbars. The Table toolbar has ALL of the tables available. The flyout just has 2.

      Does anyone know if you can add commands to existing flyout toolbar buttons?

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Andy,


          In SolidWorks 2007 and earlier, most of the flyouts in the system are representations of other toolbars (I say most because there are some hard coded ones like Undo, Redo, etc.). All of these flyouts are listed under Tools, Customize, Commands, Flyout Toolbars. The items on the flyout should be the same as those items listed on the separate toolbar with one slight difference in appearance; when a command is unavailable it grays out on a toolbar while it is hidden on a flyout. So, as long as you have the General Table button on your table toolbar, it should show up on the table flyout as long as the command is currently available. You can test this by simply opening up the toolbar at the same time and checking whether the command is gray or not.


          Also note that in SolidWorks 2008, we added some more "hardcoded" flyouts so that we could combine like commands (such as line, rectangle, circle, arc, etc.). In Tools, Customize, Commands, Flyout Toolbars, the flyouts based on core SolidWorks toolbars are listed first, then flyouts based on toolbars of currently loaded add-ins (assuming they are using the latest toolbar APIs) and then the hard coded flyouts. The definition of what is on the hard coded flyouts cannot be modified by the user at this time.