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    Equations window displaying incorrectly in SW 2015

    Trevor Falls

      When I open the window, the fields are cut off like this. Any ideas why it does this? Running Win 8.1 64 bit.


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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Trevor,


          It looks like you are running the operating system at a high DPI (text scaling in Windows), probably because you are using a high resolution monitor. SOLIDWORKS did not work well with high DPI scaling prior to SOLIDWORKS 2016 since only the text scaled and not most of the other UI elements. So, I would recommend upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2016 where everything now scales appropriately. If you cannot upgrade and want to run SOLIDWORKS 2015, the only way around this would be to reduce the DPI scaling in the OS until it is at a small enough % for it to look good. If your resolution is very high, this may make the text and buttons too small to be usable and the only way to overcome that is to reduce the display resolution settings.


          I hope this helps,