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    Change Revision On Check In

    Steven Will

      Right now i have PDM set up to automatically bump the revision when i change the state to Revision change. Is there a way to change the revision on the check in screen? In workgroup PDM, when you check in a document, it gives you the choice to bump a primary, secondary, or tertiary change.

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          Jason Capriotti

          Barring customization......only on transition as an action.

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              Steven Will

              So let me get this right, I have to use states and transitions, I cant just change the revision on check in? The only reason i'm switching is because their not supporting Workgroup PDM starting 2017. Ideally I would like a similar setup to what Workgroup PDM is like. A system where i take ownership on checkout. Make the necessary changes, check it back in with a note and a revision change. Are their settings available in Standard PDM that can allow for this setup? Sorry if I sound angry, i'm just frustrated that I have to try and use this new program that has less features and functionality than Workgroup PDM.

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                  Jason Capriotti

                  We'll you can do it manually anytime you want. But if you want the system to do the revisions for you, you have to create a transition action to "Set Variable" and for the value select "%nextrevision%".


                  There are actually two components to revisions.

                  1. Apply it to a data card variable.

                  2. Apply a revision label to a specific version.


                  Applying it to a variable allows for it to be mapped inside the file in a title block or note. It also gives you something to look at on the data card. Applying the label to a specific version shows it in the history for the purpose of selecting a given revision...usually on Release. You can setup the revision schemes and labeling and variables in many different ways.

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                    Christian Chu


                    I feel your pain as I'm in the process of switching to PDM standrad from workgroup PDM

                    In the PDM file explorer, you can manually "set revision" with check-in files


                    Select a checked in file that is in the workflow state you just edited and select

                    Modify > Set Revision.

                    You must have sufficient rights to set revision numbers.

                    b) In the Set Revision dialog box, confirm that the Current Revision column shows

                    the current revision number and that New revision shows the appropriate revision

                    number based on the revision increment you set for the state.

                    Instead of using the next revision, you can click in the New Revision field to

                    select a different revision number to set on the file.

                    c) Click OK.

                    The History dialog box, Explorer Version tab, and Get Version listing for this file

                    should all show the new revision number.

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                  Robert Pickeral



                  Did you get this working? So when you check in, the Revision is set? I got mine working to do it. Let me know if I can help.