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Creating individual shematics rather then projects - SW Electrical

Question asked by Scott Manktelow on Apr 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by Scott Manktelow

Hi all.

We have recently switched to Solidworks Electrical for producing schematic drawings mainly for use with hydraulic & pneumatics rarely for electrical purposes. Originally we would produce our schematic drawings on a Solidworks drawing sheet using blocks we have created for symbols we require. Unfortunately some schematics are quite large and Solidworks is too slow with this method.


Still being very green with SW Electrical and coming from a Solidworks back round my question is, can we just produce Individual schematic drawings and save these off in a normal directory we use for our everyday Solidworks component models and drawings? Rather than having to set up 'Projects' etc. and have them save of in the standard SW Electrical archive system.


Also with the standard system where you open a new drawing (line diagram etc.), is it possible to overwrite the drawing number from the original SW Electrical generates?


As I mentioned I'm still very green with using SW Electrical but have the basic understanding of how the project archiving system works. I just need to learn where everything is.


Thanks in advance