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modelling limpet shell

Question asked by Ben Townsend on Apr 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by Paul Salvador


I am currently trying to model a limpet shell. i have made many generalisations around the shape, and have created a conical shape with a curved lid and mildly curved sides. i am now trying to model the ribs that run down the outside of the shell but cannot find an effective way to create these as solid features. i have tried to loft base/boss the outline of the rib curvatures on the right of the image but keep getting an error to do with zero thickness. no other method i have tried seems to be able to achieve the geometries i want, which is a rib that contours to the cone curves. the model must be solid and not simply surfaces as it is intended for simulations.

this is the limpet i am trying to model, although many features of the shape will be generalised. the one ribi am trying to create will be patterned around the shell to imitate the real shell.



cheers for any help you can provide!


Ben T