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    How to easily do the Rolling Sphere method in Solidworks

    Alex Murray

      Given a series of points (all above the z-axis), how can I easily create a surface from rolling a ball over the points? The ball cannot cross the Z-Axis and the ball cannot go through the points but it can touch it, and the ball has a constant radius.


      Here's an example of what I am trying to do, except i want to use Solidworks not Autocad:

      Substation design: lightning protection calculation | easy, fast and efficient - YouTube


      Ideally I want a solid object, the space between the surface and Z-Axis.


      Sure I can cut it manually from a extrusion but I have many points, and it would take ages and that's not what I'm asking.


      Is there anything easy in Solidworks that can do what I want? I'm also a beginner to Solidworks, I can perform simple parts at the moment so please dumb the answers right down for me.