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Changing to Z up and then looking at front view

Question asked by Joe Clark on Apr 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Michael Fernando

I use NX and am going to learn some SW fundamentals. I had to change the system to Z-up and I reset all the views and then swapped the front and top view in the navagtion bar and saved my template.


When I select a front view my part/workspace snaps to a beautiful front view with Z up, hell yea! But when I click sketch and front view I get a front sketch, BUT with Z-down...this is driving me nuts.


1) anyway to fix this issue? Or after I initiate a front sketch do I need to then always click front view from my view pulldown?

2) In NX, F8 snaps the current part view to the nearest viewpoint, any shortcut like this in SW?


*see my z-down orientation below after clicking 'sketch' then 'front'....if I now were to click the view pulldown and select 'front' the z would snap upwards...weird