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I am using DRIVEWORKS PRO to modify a conveyor belt.

Question asked by Andres Alberto Gurrola Hernández on Apr 1, 2016

I am using DriveWorks to modify a Coveyor Belt. I made it using equations, and now I capured the model in driveworks. Im having problems modifying the with of the structure, and the angle of position. The with is controled by a constructive sketch that only shows its value, so I can use it in Driveworks. I established a plane to build the half of the conveyor belt, and made a symmetry opperation to finish it, this way when i change the with value its supposed to change the total with, but it does not. it doesn´t show errors, it shows the correct values, but the plane does not change position.

This same problem happens with the supports or pillars. Their sketch is coincident with a plane sat at a distance from the bottom plane. When the Modification takes place, these don´t change height, and hey don´t respect the coincidental position.

¿What can I do, or is this not possible?