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Heatsink Temperature drop - not in flow sim?

Question asked by Evox Padubal on Mar 31, 2016

Hello guys,

I have a plate fin heatsink within a simulation in flow sim.

Motstly, it seems like the sim is doing fine...besides the temperature drop over the heat sink.

There is none.

According to manual calculations, the heatink needs as dT = 5K to dissipate alle generated heat,

+2K of planned temperature increase by excessive heat,

so 7K in total of resulting temperature difference between air loop and baseplate.

Btw. I'm using the heatsink in a "reverse" mode.

I defined a constant temperature on the heatsink baseplate.

The circulating warmer air loop gets cooled down by passing through the heat sink fins.

Any idea why flow doesn't calculate this temperature drop?