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How can I make a circular screen of diameter 103mm with micron sized (50-20 micron) holes?

Question asked by Zac Taie on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by Kevin Chandler



I am tryign to make a 3-d model of a wire mesh with micron sized holes for use in a CFD simulation. Basically, I just need a circular disk that is 103 mm in diameter with holes that are about 20-50 micron in diameter. I know there are some orders of magnitude difference here that is making the number of small faces huge.


So far I have tried:

Linear pattern using a small 2x2 set of squares that I was then going to cut into a circle.

Making a 2x2 square (extruded and sketch) section and saving it as a part, then trying to do the patterning in an assembly.

Making a disk and trying to use pattern fill to cut out the holes.


All of these approaches have resulted in solidworks becoming nonresponsive. When I look in the task manager Solidworks is consuming an entire core, but the memory usage is always close to 300-400 M. I am not very experienced with Solidworks, is this even possible?


Thanks in advance!