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    Help with lighting reflector profile!

    Sanka Ud

      Hi All,


      I am Sanka and I am new to this forum and quite new to Solidworks as well. I was designing a housing for lighting systems and all went good until I start designing the lighting reflector part. The actual reflector I am working with has hundreds of square facets on a parabolic shape body and I am unable to think of a way to model this in SW. I appreciate if someone can guide me with this.

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          Sanka Ud

          Anyone? I have also attached a picture of the reflector and really hope one you experts can help. Thanks.


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            Thomas Voetmann

            This is one of many approaches. I don't know your required size, so you will have to add some and change other dimensions. And probably also add finishing touch.

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              Arthur McRae

              I don't have sw 2014 so I can't make a file that will work but my approach would be to create on facet section then do a circular pattern of it.  I would then do a profile sweep around the outside to make it smooth.

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                  Sanka Ud

                  Hello Arthur, thank you for the detailed information and very big thanks to everyone for feedback and support. Moreover, using the techniques shown by fellow members and using little bit of imagination, I came up with following profile. I believe this may not be the 100% or true representation of the actual reflector but I believe it is close approximation for modelling purpose. Thanks again for everyone's help and here are the details.

                  Step 1:


                  Create the profile for revolve feature. Initially I have created an 3 point arc to get the curve and used line segments on top of it to get the facets of the surface. once the lines segments are created I have deleted the arc and constrained the sketch. Exit the sketch and revolve 10 degrees around the axes to create the segment of the profile.


                  Step 2:


                  Used Dome feature for each facet of the segment. Dome height is taken as 0.5mm. Once all the dome features are created, the section looks like this.



                  Step 3:


                  Use Circular pattern to create the full profile and for some reason I got an error if I didn't check the Geometry pattern check box.

                  Step 4:

                  And finally Cut-Revolve the unwanted parts from the profile and top dome bit.


                  And the final result


                  There may be so many ways to solve this problem but I am happy with this one. I hope this will help anyone who has similar design problems. Cheers!