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Solidworks hard crashes when clicking in Feature Manager

Question asked by Baris Ozbay on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Pete Robinson



I am using Solidworks student edition 2015-2016 with SP5.0 (I have had the same issue with 2014-2015 as well). I have run the program on two separate Surface 4 Pro computers and have had the same issue. I don't have this issue with desktop PCs. I run with 150% display scaling on Windows 10.


The crashes always occur when clicking in the Feature Manager (things like expanding a feature by clicking on a + symbol and right clicking in the area seem to set it off more frequently). They occur about once every half hour but sometimes more or less frequently and they cause Solidworks to be completely unresponsive. It seems unrelated to part or assembly complexity. I can also tell that sometimes the program will "struggle" with rendering the Feature Manager area, where I notice some flickering or pausing before selecting an item. I've tried disabling various options like "Scroll selected item into view" and "Dynamic highlights" but these options seem to have no effect.


I'm not hopeful for a fix right now, as this seems like it's pretty baked in. I am just wondering if others have experienced crashes when using the Feature Manager because I have not seen others reporting it.