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    EPDM - Computed BOM to display custom quantity

    James Rhys-Davies

      We are trying to set up our BOMs so that they export easily from within PDM instead of having to open each assembly and export from the assembly.


      We are creating a custom BOM template in PDM (however, this is an issue with the stock template too), but cannot get the quantity column to display anything besides the file count that is contained in the assembly. For instance, if we had a tube of sealant...the custom property has the option "BOM-quantity" changed to reference a custom property that is set to 0.1.


      It all displays properly on the BOM table inside the assembly as well as inside the drawing, just not at the PDM level.


      Does anybody have any suggestions?

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Rachel, I'm not sure how your BOM is setup in EPDM, but can you try creating a column in the BOM set up as Reference count (BOM Quantity disregarded) and see if that gives you what you want?






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            Ville Makinen

            Hi James Rhys-Davies ,I am setting up our PDM vault for our company and hitting the same problem as you were. We are also aiming to have our data ready for automatic XML-export without doing hand editing to exported data. I even updated from 2016 SP3 to SP4 hoping this issue would be resolved.


            Did you find your issue with custom quantity or did you get it working after all?


            We are using alot of wiring, glues, sealants etc. which need to be quantified with decimals. My idea is to have library parts with alot of configurations made with design table to have diffrent quantity amounts to choose from. These parts would have their geometry hidden, so the parts would not be visible but their quantity and weights could be read by SolidWorks/PDM and after the export, our ERP-system.


            I tried the exact steps Prasad Bhonsule posted but still I can not get the custom quantity to work in PDM BOMs. SolidWorks BOM works without issues. I would like to avoid resorting to named boms if possible, more hassle and room for error when updating.


            Thanks in advance to everyone trying to help.


            EDIT: I found the culprit! The variable which the PDM stores the custom quantity information needs to be named BOM Quantity and mapped to UNIT_OF_MEASURE CustomProperty and not the Custom property name itself which has the actual information inside the SolidWorks file. I had the variable mapped earlier to Quantity named customProperty which was selected in SolidWorks part as Bom quantity custom property.




            I found a clue about this from the PDM admin guide at page 132. We are creating our vault from scratch and not using any of the predefine assets where this variable would have been mapped in advance.