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Why isn't my weldment showing in drawing?

Question asked by Colleen Christie on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by Chris Clouser

I am just starting to use welments for some of my sub assemblies. I design small buildings and am trying to find ways to reduce file size and speed things up a bit, so I figured weldments were the way to go.  I am creating a drawing from my top level assembly so I have set up some display states (both in the weldment and in the top level assembly) to get everything to show as I would like.  When I insert into a drawing, the weldment portion does not appear when the 'no hidden lines' display style is selected.  If I switch to 'shaded' or 'shaded with edges' I can see it.  I have attached a drawing of a floor structure from the drawing showing the 2 display styles.  The only thing that shows in the no hidden lines style are the joist hangers (which were added in the top level assembly and are not a weldment).  All the framing members were created as a weldment and used as the first feature in the top level assembly. 


I created display states in the weldment for each structural component (walls/roof/floor) then I created display states in my top level assembly and set the weldment portion to the corrosponding display state.  When I view on my screen everything appears correctly no matter with display style I select (no hidden lines/shaded with edges) but my drawing is broken!!!


What am I doing wrong??