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    Why isn't my weldment showing in drawing?

    Colleen Christie

      I am just starting to use welments for some of my sub assemblies. I design small buildings and am trying to find ways to reduce file size and speed things up a bit, so I figured weldments were the way to go.  I am creating a drawing from my top level assembly so I have set up some display states (both in the weldment and in the top level assembly) to get everything to show as I would like.  When I insert into a drawing, the weldment portion does not appear when the 'no hidden lines' display style is selected.  If I switch to 'shaded' or 'shaded with edges' I can see it.  I have attached a drawing of a floor structure from the drawing showing the 2 display styles.  The only thing that shows in the no hidden lines style are the joist hangers (which were added in the top level assembly and are not a weldment).  All the framing members were created as a weldment and used as the first feature in the top level assembly. 


      I created display states in the weldment for each structural component (walls/roof/floor) then I created display states in my top level assembly and set the weldment portion to the corrosponding display state.  When I view on my screen everything appears correctly no matter with display style I select (no hidden lines/shaded with edges) but my drawing is broken!!!


      What am I doing wrong?? 



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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Colleen,


          I can't imagine what's causing that.  Is that drawing view of a single multi-body Part, or an Assembly?

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            Chris Clouser

            You are right that weldments will save you a lot of time.  So many companies don't get it, it's sad.


            But there are a lot of strange anomalies with it, like what you're seeing.  Especially when you add sheet metal features into your weldment, which it doesn't look like you've done as best I can tell from your picture.


            Don't forget Ctrl-Q, sometimes that will bring the view back.  And sometimes you just have to recreate it.


            How's your video card?  This looks like a video problem.

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                Colleen Christie

                Hi Chris,


                There is no sheet metal in my assembly.  This model is of a small building, so the wood structure is all done using weldments, then all the electrical/interior items (toilets, sinks, washer and dryer etc) are modeled as parts.  I do try to put as little detail into my parts as possible to help keep my system from getting bogged down (there can be 3000+ parts in an assembly), so there isn't any crazy geometry either.


                I have done CTRL+Q and have restarted solidworks and a complete system restart just in case there was some background issue, but so far no luck.

                It is frustrating when you are trying to be more efficient, but then the software doesn't want to play nice.


                Video Card is a NVIDIA Quadro K2200 and is a supported card.  It says the driver has not been tested (the tool for selecting the drive on the SW site no longer give SW2013 as an option to select) so I can't be sure if that is the issue or not.


                I will play with it a little more and hopefully I can come up with a solution!

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                    Chris Clouser

                    If more people used weldments, I think there would be a better chance that they work out these glitches.


                    Even with the glitches, you should save time.


                    I had one weldment with 1000 parts in it.  It was originally done before weldments so there was about 250 drawings associated with this one weldment.


                    We converted it over to weldments and got the drawing package down to about 25 drawings.  That's about 225 less drawings.  Each drawing has to have all the title block filled out, MRP/ERP needed to be populated for all the drawings, etc.  Far fewer travelers in the shop.  Much less housekeeping.  It will save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars to move to weldments in such a case.


                    I would say our average weldment is a part of about 200-250 bodies, usually about 100 unique.


                    It's easily one of the best features of SolidWorks.


                    Let us know if you find anything that helps.