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    COSMOS and sheetmetal parts



      Does anyone use COSMOS for analysis of sheet metal parts?


      If so do you find it gives reliable results? I am aware (butdon't really understand) that with FEA on items that have largedisplacements there can be issues with meshing and this wouldpossibly applied to sheet metal.


       Many thanks



        • COSMOS and sheetmetal parts
          Ronald Larose
          I have not used Cosmos for sheetmetal but I'd suggest using the Shell option. In-plane bending will be much more accurate. If using solid tet elements please make sure you have 'enough' elements through the thickness to accurately reflect the bending. I'd suggest a quick beam model compared with analytical calculations.

          Depending on your version of Cosmos, large displacements will be misleading. For large displacement analysis you need the non-linear package. For the linear package the stiffness is calculated based on the initial geometry. For small displacements this is adequate. As the deformation gets large, the stiffness changes and the non-linear package is needed to re-calculate the stiffness of the deformed shape.

          I hope this helps.