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Forbid rotation in sketch

Question asked by Ben D. on Mar 30, 2016

The problem with the SpacePilot (or any other 3d navigator) is that when you are in the sketch mode - you can easily rotate the view while trying to zoom with a joystick. This is not convenient in most cases, so I would like to find a way to automatically disable the rotation of the model when entering the sketch and automatically enable it on exiting the sketch. 3d Connexion driver has the possibility to "Lock rotations" with pressing a button on the 3d navigator. But I can not think of the way to access this driver through Solidworks API and control it. Is it possible?


Another artificial method would be to set view to normal every 0.1 second or so while in sketch mode, but it is sure not the best solution ...


Would somebody have any suggestions how to achieve this?