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How to use a path mate when the path itself is moving?

Question asked by Siva Praneeth on Mar 30, 2016

Hello All,


I am trying to design a mechanism similar to scotch yoke mechanism.
Path belongs to a curvy slot in a part. I need to mate a pin that rotates in a circle to this path.


Please see the image.

The green part is a disc behind the blue part.  There is a pin on the green part.  Also, this disc rotates about a fixed red point in space.

Blue part contains the path and it is constrained to move only up and down. Grey part is the guide and is fixed.


It seems that path mate is not possible when the path itself is moving. Please suggest an alternate way if at all anything like that is possible. My ultimate goal is to fit the pin in the slot no matter how the parts are moving relative to each other.