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    Simulations for a Stirling Engine and Fluid Expansion

    Melvin Chandra

      Good evening. I am a student, doing a project regarding CFD simulations for a Stirling engine. I would like to ask how would one set the boundary conditions such that I could simulate a cycle involving the expansion of the working fluid and the pressure changes that would bring about the movement of the displacer (or piston).


      Initially I had tried to simplify the problem by having adiabatic walls, and then setting a single real wall at the hot reservoir with a high temperature. When I run the simulations, however, there was barely any results apart from the immediate vicinity of the wall.


      I had tried scouring the internet for possible solutions, but have ultimately hit a dead end. Would someone point out my mistakes and advise me on how I could fix it, please?


      The following is some screenshots of my cut plots