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Photoworks and Display States/Configurations

Discussion created by Jason Earle on Nov 24, 2007
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Hi There,


I am pretty new to Photoworks and am having one small problem Ihope someone can help me out with.


I am trying to create an assembly in Photoworks that I caneasily change the color schemes of.  So for example, I wouldhave a tea pot that I could render in Photoworks to be StainlessSteel, then by using display states or configurations (or somethingelse) I could click and turn that tea pot to render in Photoworksin Black.  Of course what I want is more complex than that(There are multiple colors and textures in each assembly). Because of this, I don't want to have to remake all of my colorsand textures each time I want a new color scheme, and savingmultiple assemblies in different color schemes is also not anoption.


However, I can't seem to make this work for me.  DoesSolidworks have the capability to change colors like that inPhotoworks?  If so, can anyone please help me and explain howthis could be done?


Thank you for your time.