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    Probing static stress plot

    Mark Robinson
      In CosmosWorks, when probing a stress plot surface for shearstress,  TXY, you are asked to specify a reference plane (oraxis). The TXY choices are 1. Shear in Y dir. on YZ plane, 2. Shearin Z dir. on YZ plane and 3. Shear in Z dir. on XZ plane.

      I find this confusing. If I want to look at surfaces parallelto the XY plane, these three options don't  appear to give methat choice. Can someone explain the reference plane and how Imight (for instance) investigate shear stresses on an XY surface?How would I look for shear forces in the Y direction on the XYplane if I can't select that option.

      Thanks in advance for any explanations/suggestions.