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Macro :  add export/save as dwg and 3d Step to existing macro?

Question asked by S. Vdkamp on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by S. Vdkamp

I have got a macro, see attachment.

This macro exports my SolidWorks drawing to : *.dxf and *.pdf

Can some one help me with 2 new macros:

  1. One that will to : *.dwg,  *.dxf and *.pdf  (dwg that can be read in AutoCAD)
  2. One that will to : *.dwg,  *.dxf and *.pdf and *.STEP(of the 3d file), so everything in one go

If 2 is not possible, but I think it is, I would like a macro that exports to STEP.


Who would be so kind to help me with this? I am not a programmer and really don't know what to do, Have looked at is, but I get totally confused in what to add/change in the macro. Sure there is someone around here that can do it in 2 clicks.


Thanks in advance.