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Breadcrumbs for lightweight components

Question asked by Dinesh Martien on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by Dinesh Martien

I've noticed that in an assembly, breadcrumbs do not appear when selecting a component that is lightweight. Is this what others experience? Too bad, because breadcrumbs are quite handy.


I can understand that the full feature tree of a part is not available in lightweight, but it would be nice to at least access, say, the subassembly that a part belongs to through breadcrumbs. This could save a lot of trips to the feature manager.

To the documentation folks: if it's true that it doesn't work for lightweight components, the documentation should probably be updated. This confused me for a while because the documentation says "Breadcrumbs  do not appear when a PropertyManager is displayed, when you select an annotation or dimension in the graphics area, or if you multi-select entities." but there is no mention of lightweight.