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Run time Error 91 with coordinate macro that was previously working

Question asked by Thomas Bryant on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Thomas Bryant



A few weeks ago I was able to get the macro defined in this topic (extracting X, Y, Z) coordinates from a sketch point) working with Artem Taturevych's assistance:


Re: Points in assembly files all export same or v...


however, it has now broken with the error:


Run-time error '91':

Object variable or With block variable not set


Even this example breaks with the same error:


#CODE|Get Coordinate of Sketch Point in the Assembly Space


I thought it was due to SolidWorks updates and made what I thought were the needed changes with the help of this link:


2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Align Assembly Component to Assembly Origin and Planes Example (VBA)


but no joy. Have other changes to the SolidWorks library happened with updates? Any assistance is appreciated! I have attached the macro and files I am using in conjunction with it.