Ranga Narasimhan

Problem in Beam Elements

Discussion created by Ranga Narasimhan on Nov 23, 2007
Hi all,
i have a problem with Beam Element Analysis in Cosmos.
we know the standard steps for beams :
1. treat all members as beams
2. Define joints,
3. Apply loads and constraints and solve.
but if i go back to SW and make modification to the model(say adding another memeber), come back to cosmos and "update all components"the joints remain at the same point corresponding to the previous model(non modified), to solve this if i go back to edit joints and say calculate, the loads get misplaced, they dont remain in same place, or if i apply a new load ata point it gets misplaced to a new random joint. Is it a bug or am i missing something.
it would be great if i get a solution for this.
thanks in advance