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    Exporting to stp file problem

    Tony Vitale

      Hi all,


      Seems an issue has come up since SP3.0 EV upgrade. Whenever i do a saves as to say stp, parasolid, iges, etc. it now prompts me to use a template, and automatically opens the created file. This never happened before. Kind of annoying, especially if its a decent size export. Thoughts?

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Tony, can you check the following setting in SolidWorks:



          If that is set to "Always use these default document templates" rather than "Prompt" then SolidWorks shouldn't ask you every time you save out a STEP file.





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              Tony Vitale

              I have to have it set to prompt because I have an issue with importing stp files. there is something in my templates that screws the import up sometimes resulting in missing parts/bodies. SWx has yet to let me know why this happens. I have an SPR


              I went and changed the template like u suggested and it exports as it should. I changed it back to prompt for template and it still works as it should. Must be something that happened after sp3.0EV..... the old turn off and turn back on trick