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I have a weird problem with drawings

Question asked by Valentin Leung on Nov 23, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2007 by Valentin Leung
SW has been working fine on my workstation (nothing has changed, I don't update anything, even windows) but yesterday after finishing a CAD with a lot of modification, I opened up the attached slddrw file in order to update my detailings, and the sheet turned yellow ...
At first, I thought I have made so many modifications that the sheet itself turned yellow... but I was wrong... I reboot, same thing... I deleted all my drawings, to have a blank sheet, it's still yellow...
I created a new drawing file, it's still yellow.
I took some colleagues'drawing, they open with a sheet that is yellow...

I want to adjust sheet properties, on the preview, it's white, once I apply it displays yellow.
I tried other file from the PDM, it's still yellow...

Has anybody experience it before?

Attached is a print screen of my SW.