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Known issue with SW2016 and 4k laptop display.

Question asked by James Hernández on Mar 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by Ahmad Ghazvini

Apologies if this isn't in the correct location (it's my first post to the forums).

I'm posting this to hopefully help save other people the time and frustration that I went through:

I just received a win10 Dell Precision 7710 () with a 4K (2160) display.  After getting things dialed in how I liked I went to use Solidworks and my icons were missing from the Feature Manager Design Tree (see  attachment: Not OK at 2160.jpg).  I suspected a driver issue but this showed up the same even when running in software openGL.  It seems the root cause is running your scale setting at 175% with a native 4K resolution on the built in display (see attachment: scale setting.jpg).  Running at 100/150/200% scaling seems to remedy the situation as does running in 1080 resolution.


Dell Precision 7710

Intel XEON E3-1505M with smart card and TB3

Win 10 64 Bit

AMD FirePro W7170M (driver: 15.201.2401-151104a-296421C-Dell)

17.3" UHD IGZO (3840x2160) LED