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Animation Using Visualize Professional - Does Any Product Support Exist?!

Question asked by Charles Young on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Brian Hillner

Hi, I used SolidWorks Premium at my previous job for 9 years - but recently (literally last week) switched to a new job where I only have SolidWorks Professional and Visualize Professional.  We have products going to market and require videos/animations in 14 calendar days.


Question: Does anyone know of free or otherwise purchasable tutorials and product literature?  SolidWorks/3DS pulled all Bunkspeed online info & support. Our SolidWorks/Visualize reseller knows zero about Visualize. I've successfully made still-shot renderings using Visualize, but can't figure out the keyframe+camera logic for animations.  Due to intellectual property and patents pending, I cannot outsource this work at the moment.


On a personal note: I've been a die-hard SolidWorks fanboy for 9 years and never actually worked as a reseller.  Moreover, I have convinced others to buy-in - literally hundreds of licences purchased by those I've convinced - but I've never seen a penny of it.  So I ask: what happened to the SolidWorks customer-support oriented business model?  If this is their new modus operandi, I just can't encourage others to switch to SolidWorks and 3DS products.