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    Measure minimal distance between parts

    A. D.

      Dear all,


      For some specific application, i need to place/stack parts in a row. These parts are very complicated parts (car panels to be specific).

      Now, i would like to have a option to measure the minimal distance between two of these panels, anywhere it is.


      I know the 'Measure' feature, and in fact is does the job quite well, despite the fact that now i have to say where to measure. So, i manually look for a spot where it seems likely to me to be the closest call in touching each other) and then manually measure the distance between those two points.


      In fact, if i could select the whole part, and the whole other part, and the measure tool could give me the smallest distance/clearance between these two parts, me problem would be solved.


      To make it all a bit clearer, i made a schematic example.  Offcourse, in this example it's quite easy to see the smallest clearance distance. But, i want it to be defined automatically by selecting part 1 and part 2, instead of the two point i ( ! ) think are the "closest call."


      Well, i'm looking forward to hear your solutions.


      By the way, i'm running Solidworks 2016 Standard edition.


      Thanks in advance,


      Measure Example.JPG