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Excel Based BOM's

Question asked by Travis Heinicke on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by Rob Adair

My question is in regards to excel based BOM's. I work for a company that creates general assemblies in industrial refrigeration, and utilizes "pull sheets" from these assemblies. Pull sheets are essentially excel spreadsheets that list out each purchased part contained inside of these arrangements. Some of our units can exceed 100 parts, so using a traditional BOM in a drawing environment isn't practical. So, I've been playing around with excel based BOM's where I can link the BOM properties inside of an excel file that contains cells with pertinent job information. In essence a "header". I have no problem creating the excel based BOM in SW. I've created a template to specifically show only the properties I need (I didn't delete the other properties, simply hid the columns). I then copy the associated cells from the BOM, paste it as a link in my spreadsheet. Then, that's where I'm stumped. It shows that it is linked to the Solidworks BOM, but if I change a quantity by way of adding new components, it updates the BOM in the Solidworks drawing environment, but not in my excel file. I really don't want to have to open the Solidworks BOM, copy the contents, and update that excel file every time I add/remove components. I feel like that's just brimming with lost parts potential. I've tried just about everything. Anyone have any ideas? In my example I'm showing where I eliminated a valve in my assembly, part number 12548B5503, from a quantity of 2 to 1. The change shows in my SW Bom. The second picture shows the excel file with the linked BOM. Even after doing a rebuild, ctrl+Q, saving, and clicking the "update values" in the data link dialogue, refreshing data, saving and reopening, refuses to update. I'm stumped.


Thanks in advance...Travis.

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