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    Problems with dimension relationships and simulationxpress

    James Townzen

      I have Solidworks on Windows 10.


      After installing SolidWorks, I went to Tools clicked on Xpress Products,

      it loadedc and put a tab onto the Task Pane but there is no information in the SimulationXpress



      Also, when in the sketch mode I tried to make relationships between two dimensions by

      clicking on the dimension to open the Modify Box and then clicked onto the dimension

      I wanted it related to, something like D1@Sketch1 should have populated into the

      dimension box, but instead only the actual dimension was entered into the dimension

      window.  There is no (sigma sign) S on my toolbars.

      I can access the Equations, Global Variables, and Dimension window,

      but again I can not create any equation relationships.


      I contacted Studica, where I ordered the program, about the problems I am having,

      they suggested to uninstall and reinstall the program, to check the update to see  if

      KB3072630 was on my computer, I scanned the update file and did not find

      KB3072630 update listed. I did uninstall and re-installed the program but I am having

      the same problems, after several calls Studica suggested that I find a forum

      since they have no technical support.


      So my question is, is there a fix to resolve this issue?


      Thanks Jim