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AMD Second Video Card crashes in 2016

Question asked by Admin Treske on Mar 24, 2016

I've been working through a crash problem in 2016 and have found the cause. The system had 2 AMD V7900 4 monitor cards and then was upgraded to 2 AMD W7100 4 monitor cards. Both sets of cards have the same problem. When you open an assembly on any of the 4 monitors connected to the primary video card all is fine. But when opening the same file on any of the monitors on the second it will open but as soon as you try to rotate it SolidWorks crashes with it's error popup.


If you open the file on one of the monitors on the first card and then move the application to one of the monitors on the second card it will rotate fine. It only crashes when the file is opened initially on the second video card. I've been through many different driver versions including the one approved by Solidworks and as I mentioned 2 versions of these AMD 4 port cards. In all cases the behavior stays the same. Also I've tried many different video settings and even a couple Register hacks I found online. Nothing changes the issue. Obviously a software bug of some sort.


For now we are just going to work around the problem and hopefully it will be resolved in a future release.