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Cut out intersections between parts in a macro

Question asked by Alexander Kibbe on Mar 24, 2016

I have this code (Attached) that makes sections into a part.  You select a surface or multiple adjoining surfaces and run it and it will make a series of offsets and thickens within the existing part (be careful to make the thicken distance a fair bit smaller than the part's over all dimensions)


What I want to do is essentially delete the existing part as these "thickens" are made.  Right now the result is "thickens" overlapping with the original part

What i want to do is to add code to this that will delete the areas of the existing part where they overlap with the thickens.


I think that doing this would have something to do with the 'intersect' tool but I'm not sure how to code it.


I attached the code and some example screenshots to give the idea, 'overlapping' is what happens now.