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Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by Jim Steinmeyer

I am having trouble setting the draft quality on a drawing I am making. The reference components are desired to be a light gray outline with only the BOM items showing clearly. When creating a pdf of the drawing the grayed out portions of the drawing fail to show is the display style is set to draft. In other drawings I have worked with that are setup with this scheme I have been able to get the drawing to show by setting the Display Style to High Quality. However with this drawing when I select the view and select the High Quality radio button the quality buttons disappear from the tree so i can't determine if the change has been made. If I print to pdf I am still unable to see the view and if I open the view dash board the Draft Quality radio button is again selected. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this to set?

Upon further investigation I see that the grayed items are enveloped. Does that change things? I have never used the envelope feature myself.

We are using SW 2016 SP 2.0