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EPDM API to search SQL table column from the data card entry

Question asked by Himabindu Nunna on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Tim Webb

I have used the EPDM API from this knowledge base solution, S-044332 to have a drop list (for Part number for example) on a data card look up and display values from corresponding rows from a SQL table.

Now the drop list contains 200000+ values and it is taking a very long time to create SWx files and update the data card as the entire list is taking time to load.

So the other idea that we came up with is to create a text box on the data card where the user would enter the Part Number and click on the button. This button should trigger the code and search the SQL table for values in the corresponding row and populate the respective fields in the data card.

My question is whether this is a good approach or is there a way to speed up the process with existing add-in ?

I am new to API coding, so any suggestions about changes in the code would be really helpful. I have attached the sample code.


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