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    Insufficient memory to edit worksheet

    John Bjerke
      I am having a terrible time editing a drawing. I have been updatinga few different drawings today all with worksheets in them. theywere copied from excel and pasted on the drawing. all of thedrawings worked fine except for one. I can't edit the worksheet. Ikeep getting the insufficient memory error. To me it does not looklike i have run out of ram. if I rmb on the worksheet and click on"edit with worksheet" I get an error. "Not enoughstorage space to complete operation"  The drive I amworking on has over 80GB free space.

      Any suggestions to try and get this to work? I have shut down allun-needed programs, restarted Solidworks, and tried restarting mycomputer, but nothing seems to work.

      SW2007 SP4.0
      WinXP sp2
      core2 duo 2.1ghz
      3gb ram

      Side question: How can I take a screen shot of just one monitor?
        • Insufficient memory to edit worksheet
          Hi John

          Do you have check in the task manager if you've enough RAM available. I see that you've 3GB of RAM, do you have enabled the 3GB switch?
            • Insufficient memory to edit worksheet
              John Bjerke
              I have 3gb of physical ram, my page file is get to 6-8gb. I havewinXP pro sp2, solidworks 2007 core sp4.0.

              I have tried to edit this drawing with the 3gb switch off withvirtual memory on, the 3gb switch off with virtual memory off, the3gb switch on with virtual memory on, and 3gb switch on withvirtual memory off. I shut down the applications I normally haveopen while running Solidworks like Outlook and a VPN client. Igained more free memory, but have not had any luck getting thedrawing to work. I get the same results no matter what I try. Inthe task manager it shows that I have over 2gb of free physicalmemory. It is strange that this one drawing does not work, whileother similar drawings with tables that are larger work justfine.

              I am about to just delete the table and start over. it seems itwould be easier than to spend company time tinkering with settingsand what-not to possibly get it straightened out. There are only 5or so drawings where we use tables like these and they will onlyget updated once a year if that so i am not too concerned aboutthis right now. if it starts to happen on other drawings withsmaller tables I will look into this more.