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Insufficient memory to edit worksheet

Question asked by John Bjerke on Nov 21, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2007 by John Bjerke
I am having a terrible time editing a drawing. I have been updatinga few different drawings today all with worksheets in them. theywere copied from excel and pasted on the drawing. all of thedrawings worked fine except for one. I can't edit the worksheet. Ikeep getting the insufficient memory error. To me it does not looklike i have run out of ram. if I rmb on the worksheet and click on"edit with worksheet" I get an error. "Not enoughstorage space to complete operation"  The drive I amworking on has over 80GB free space.

Any suggestions to try and get this to work? I have shut down allun-needed programs, restarted Solidworks, and tried restarting mycomputer, but nothing seems to work.

SW2007 SP4.0
WinXP sp2
core2 duo 2.1ghz
3gb ram

Side question: How can I take a screen shot of just one monitor?