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How to form corners for an over lapping door.

Question asked by David Schwenker on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by David Schwenker


We form this sheet metal to create over lapping barn doors. Solidworks does not like the bend that runs through another bend.  We used to get around this by making large reliefs to prevent intersection and then re-adding the material to the flat pattern while letting the formed model have an overly large corner gap.  After upgrading to 2016 the extruded boss that used to fill the gap causes the bend lines to not show (I'm considering reporting this as a bug because it used to work fine).  I would love to get this piece to form correctly in the first place but nothing I try works.


The part is cnc cut using a program based off the flat pattern view and then the offset is formed.  The 90deg corner is formed last via air bending with a shortened die.


If anybody knows how to form this type of corner your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.