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change reference entities for an axis (API)

Question asked by Erik Söderby on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Artem Taturevych

Hi there! I'm trying to change the reference entities for an axis, but somehow it doesn't work. I store the current entities in an array (GetSelections), and replace entity by entity in that array. Then I use SetSelection to execute the changes. Here's my code:


                Dim ReferenceData As SldWorks.RefAxisFeatureData = referenceentity.GetDefinition

                Dim types() As Integer = Nothing

                SelCounter = ReferenceData.GetSelectionsCount

                Dim AxisArray(SelCounter - 1) As Object


                boolstatus = ReferenceData.AccessSelections(part, Nothing)

                AxisArray = ReferenceData.GetSelections(types) 'store the current entities in an array


                For L = 0 To SelCounter - 1

                    OldReference = AxisArray(L)

                    If OldReference.GetTypeName2 = replacemententity.GetTypeName2 Then

                    AxisArray(L) = replacemententity 'the new entity


                Next L

                boolstatus = ReferenceData.SetSelections(AxisArray)


                boolstatus = referenceentity.ModifyDefinition(ReferenceData, part, Nothing)




For a plane it is simple:

For L = 0 To SelCounter - 1

OldReference = ReferenceData.Reference(L)

If OldReference.GetTypeName2 = replacemententity.GetTypeName2 Then

ReferenceData.Reference(L) = replacemententity


...but for axes, the function Reference(Index) does not exist, therefore the usage of GetSelections and SetSelections. Which does not work...  Any ideas?