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custom standard weldment cutlist properties for sheet metal parts

Question asked by Anne Wieb Dijkstra on Mar 23, 2016

As stated in the title,


My colleague and me as well cant find the answer to the following question:


according to:


There are some standard properties given for a sheet metal.


You can take this properties to the weldmentcutlist which you put on your drawing to make clear what the length is, the material and the thickness.


We use T = mm for thickness comments, so like 10mm sheets gets the comment T = 10mm

Also, normally the material is called sheet, but I live in holland, so we would like that to be standard called "snwijwerk"


This is an example of standard sheet properties:


I higlighted the properties we use



**Material:**  we dont change


**Description:**  we manually change to "snijwerk" for every sheet metal part


**LENGTH** we add manually to give our sheet thickness


This results in the following weldment cutlist:


My question is:


Any possibility we can change the standard given cutlist properties somewhere for sheet metal so we dont have to put everything in manually for each sheet part.

Takes out the human mistakes and the extra effort we have to put in.


Thank you for taking a look at this.

My colleague already contacted our CAD reseller, but they also didn't know the answer.

Hope you guys can give me an answer.