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    Data Card variable select list help

    Robert Pickeral

      How can I create an object on a data card to allow for a user to select one, many or all items in a list? In my old days of MS Access (don't laugh), this was possible by the user holding the shift key when selecting multiple items in a list. But I don't see how to resolve the same issue using a Data Card in PDM. Do I just create a bunch of checkboxes? Do the checkboxes transfer to the Word form that the Card is creating?

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hello Robert, this is not currently possible in PDM using one of the list type data card control (Combobox Dropdown, Combobox Droplist, Simple Combobox, Listbox). They all only allow you to select one value at a time.


          See the enhancement in the SolidWorks Knowledge below:



          It might work using the Checkbox method that you are suggesting, or multiple text fields, otherwise I imagine it could be done through the API perhaps.


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            Jeff Sweeney

            Yeah, until the enhancement comes in, I'd try to go with the checkbox route. Checkboxes will put in either a 1 or 0 in the variable field (Word custom property)....but since you will likely have a Word macro anyway to update your Word fields, you could tweak the macro so it will convert the 1's and 0's to what ever value you would like them to be.