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simulation results display

Question asked by Chris Michalski on Mar 22, 2016

I'm looking for feedback on if 2015 or 2016 has more options for displaying simulation results than 2014.  I work a lot in high temp stuff in long configurations.  So when you run a strain/stress simulation based on Flow results you can see the displacements along with the stresses.  However, when you've got a 1inch diameter x 5ft long geometry you don't always care to look at how much it grows axially because it washes out the displacement in the other directions.

Has SW added the capability to display colors based displacement with respect to an axis?  (e.g. You've always been able to do X, Y, Z, or Resultant.  But can you yet display the XY resultant but omit the Z component?)

I looked through the what's new files but didn't see anything in 2015 or 2016.  And I'm off contract so the KB is off limits to search.