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Rigid Bodies VS Deformable Bodies

Question asked by Rudolf Van den Berg on Mar 22, 2016

Good day


I am doing some research into the the effects of Rigid bodies VS Deformable bodies.

Want to gather as much information and knowledge as possible from Engineers such as yourself.


The following information was gathered thus  far:


  1. Use the default "Deformable" option whenever you don't have a imperative need to use "Rigid".
  2. Valid reasons to use "Rigid" include:
  • Can't use "Deformable" option  because mesh is too large to solve
  • Can't use "Deformable" option because using a very stiff material instead results in solver failure

     3. Can't use "Deformable" option because you are using the "Rigid" option for testing purposes.


What is the relationship between Rigid bodies and shell bodies?

Reason for this question is that as soon as I make a body rigid it removes the option to make the body a shell. and the appearance change to orange which is similar to that of a shell.


Find link below for the simple model to compare the results.


Dropbox -



  • Rigid; I made part1 rigid and left part2 deformable
  • Deformable; both part1 and part2 is deformable
  • Shell Rigid; part1 is shelled and part2 is left a solid body and deformable
  • Extra Stifness; I changed the stiffness of Part1 to act as a body in a rigid state just to see what the effects might be


thank you in advance.

Kind regards