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    Mates, get modified on drag

    Ashok Anumula

      Using Solidworks 2016 SP2 and have a problem.


      When I move a component in an assembly Solidworks pops up a dialog box to modify the last mate and if I do not pay attention then it deletes the last mate I did.


      Not sure where to turn this option off or is it a bug in Solidworks.


      Thank you

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          Jason Moss

          This has never happened to me until now. 2016 SP5, I get the dialog for a mate after mating 2 parts and then immediately doing a move on any part, the shortcut mate bar pops up and then if you escape it or ignore it, it will delete the last mate, here is an old thread for this issue also. Mates popup I am going to dig a little in the settings because this didn't happen in 2015 sp5, but after upgrading I decided to remove my settings and start fresh, big mistake I see. This is rather annoying and I quickly add mates and moves parts, why do I need to confirm the last mate AGAIN!

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              Jason Moss

              Followup, I restored settings from a 2014 backup, (Copy Settings Wizard) and just restored system options and shortcuts and it no longer happens , so I am assuming some combinations of settings, like assembly drag, smartmate settings, these are causing SW to prompt on a drag after a mate to confirm the last mate, maybe for alignment purpose?


              Something to try if you have having this issue is to click Move Component, (the button), then right below the word MOVE is a button for SmartMates you can toggle, also check the system settings because it also has a smartmate slider option which can be turned OFF. I can't repeat it now, so there may be another setting causing this.  At least I am good for now.