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    File Management

    Ethan Anderson

      Hey guys,


      I am having trouble keeping my folders clean. In the attached image, I have parts that make up an assembly and the assembly file itself; but I also have a bunch of BD2, BDF, text, ect... files that seem to be created as I was making the assembly. Is there a reason these are created and stored in the current folder, and is there a way that I can direct them to another folder? If I can direct them to another folder, is that where I would direct the files for other assemblies I create?



      Ethan Anderson

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          Dave Laban

          They're going to be related to the Static FEA study you did on the Assembly.  For some reason Simulation didn't tidy up properly after itself, you should only be left with the .CWR and log file (the text document) after an analysis, the .CWR in particular you won't want to move from otherwise SW will probably refuse to find the results again.