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    BOM not working

    Sam W.

      Hi i am new here

      um so my problem revolves around my custom universities BOM i was given, now it has worked on other projects but my own it seems to want to be fussy, now it shows all my parts and their descriptions/Part NO.s but not STD parts from smart fasteners, does anyone have any clue why? Picture linked below.



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          Deepak Gupta

          Do you these properties added in the standard components?

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            Sarah Dwight

            The smart fasteners probably don't have the same custom values as your parts.

            The CP for Description is probably description, double click to find out.

            Check your Custom/Conf.Spec properties to figure out what Description says.

            The Part Number is probably defined in the configuration properties in the part file.

            The Description may be as well if "Use in BOM" is checked. This will overwrite whatever is in the Summary Info section.