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    issue with swept surface

    Chris Lawson

      Hi all, I have an issue with using a swept surface to complete a gas tank model. When I try, it overlaps the other side of the model. Any idea how to fix it? I'm just getting my way around the surfacing tools and running into all kinds of problems.



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          Mark Biasotti

          Hi Chris,

          It's simple provide a path that is a simple half circle at the bottom and then use your existing path as the guide curve. (See attached.)


          Also, Your side fill surface WILL NOT be tangent with your swept surface (use deviation analysis to see this), you'll see that I changed your Sketch8 into an extruded surface so that I could then derive tangency from that boundary when doing the side fill surface. Instead of the sweep, you might want to try two half circles, existing at bottom and one at top and use Boundary surface instead - make sure to turn on the "next curve" option in the direction of your side profiles.