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Drawing Standards Question

Question asked by Reed Anderson on Mar 18, 2016
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   I am new to Solidworks and CAD in general.  I started using Solidworks about 18 months ago and I am decent at parts modeling and using assemblies.  The requirements for my job are of a very basic level as all the parts I create are machined for internal use and are usually quite simple.  I passed the CSWA recently and am working towards the P in the future but my current skill set is more than sufficient for my employers needs, I want to advance myself for personal reasons.  One area I know needs to be improved, both for personal and professional reasons is drawings.  My company is small and has no CAD department and no internal drawing standards.  My drawings were nightmares when I started out but with time and research I have vastly improved from where I started.  I know basic ANSI standards and good practice but with no formal classes or education I am sure the drawings I create would greatly benefit from an experienced opinion.  That being said, I was familiar with GD&T but have never employed GD&T standards (nor has anyone at my company) as I have no clue how to and the precision we need has never been a problem.  I am aware of situations where GD&T can prevent 'accumulating' tolerance (not sure what the proper vocabulary is there) but with the simplicity of our parts and use of ordinate dimensions, this has not yet been an issue. 

   The issue I am having is an individual at our company saw a drawing I created with no datum reference symbols.  She says that without these the drawing is not usable and is surprised our vendors would even accept the drawing.  It rubbed me the wrong way as this statement was made in a very public way.  Our vendors often re model the drawings we send and send back their own drawings which we then sign off on and they create the part we need.  None of the drawings that have ever come back from a vendor have had datum reference symbols and the only issue they ever had was due to some egregious mistakes I made in the beginning.  2 questions :


    1.  Is GD&T and the use of datum reference symbols a requirement? 

    2.  I would like to seek out more formal education drawing standards, are there companies that have these types of classes or should I look at local universities?


  Thank you very much.