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Drawing file corrupt? 2015 says future version, 2016 does nothing.

Question asked by Karl R. Pettersen on Mar 18, 2016



Although I may be able to save the day by using a version from file restore, I'm wondering if anbody else have had this problem with SW2016 drawing files:

Trying to open it (1912kb size) in SW2016 causes nothing to happen, no warnings or anything. Double clicking on it shows the error "An error was encountered... Contact tech... by swShellFileLauncher".

Trying to opening it in SW2015 gives the warning "future version", which I expected, but also shows that it has some data in there valid to SW.


The assy has no configurations, but a part file has some sketch images. One part file is excel table driven design table. In case it matters. Other than that, nothing special, simple stuff.


SW2016 has been painfully slow wrt drawing and sketching on drawing level. Imported dwg sketches in parts, and manual sketching in parts and drawing can immediately add the relation I'm adding, but then it will think for like 30 seconds - every time. This is not in this particular project, but I'm wondering if there can be a problem with my system that causes it.


So the main quest is; is there anything I can do to prevent this error in the future?