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    Global Variable

    Lakhvinder Singh

      Hi All,


      When using Global Variables, we input ="G" * X, where X is the value dependent on the final dimension value we need. For example, my global variable, G is 1135mm, which is the length of a part I am designing. Another dimension which I want to put is a hole in the part, which has to be 37mm. So I calculate that would be ="G" * 0.032599118.

      My question is that every time I am trying to find the value of X, I have to pick up and use a calculator. Is there a way where I can directly put in the value 37mm, which automatically links itself to the global variable? I am not sure if I explained it well, but picking up the calculator for each dimension is just too time consuming. Thanks in advance.





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          Martin MacDonald

          I think I understand what you mean but I am confused why you need to control the hole dimension based on G. It seems extra work to get X then multiply by G. But in your equation editor you could have a value for the Hole say "H" then have an equation with H/G to get the X value then multiply G*X. But as I said this seems a lot more work than using the value for the Hole directly as a global variable. Does the value of the hole change based on G? You could control this by some logic I.e. IF statements.


          Just for for example your equation editor could read to get what you want above. But in the end the value = "H" anyway so I am confused as to why you would want this.


          "H" = 37

          "G" = 1135

          "Hole Size" = "G" * ("H"/"G") - but this is the same as G*H/G = H (so the same as just writing H)