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Global Variable

Question asked by Lakhvinder Singh on Mar 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2016 by Martin MacDonald

Hi All,


When using Global Variables, we input ="G" * X, where X is the value dependent on the final dimension value we need. For example, my global variable, G is 1135mm, which is the length of a part I am designing. Another dimension which I want to put is a hole in the part, which has to be 37mm. So I calculate that would be ="G" * 0.032599118.

My question is that every time I am trying to find the value of X, I have to pick up and use a calculator. Is there a way where I can directly put in the value 37mm, which automatically links itself to the global variable? I am not sure if I explained it well, but picking up the calculator for each dimension is just too time consuming. Thanks in advance.