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Accuracy of answers in SW certification exams

Question asked by Ben D. on Mar 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by Kevin Chandler

I have recently passed CSWP exam. I have been studying for it quite a bit, and in all training materials I was told that entering results in open questions (not the test-type questions where you can choose from 4 answers) should be accepted if the answer is within 0.5 percent accuracy. This week I took a glance at sheet metal sample exam, and it shows that required answer is within 0.5 mm or 0.5 g accuracy. And this makes a difference. During CSWP I had several questions where I had to answer the mass or coordinates of center of mass in test-type questions (without any modifications to the downloaded part), and I have noticed at once that some (but not all) questions had already different answer suggestions than SW mass properties showed. If there was a difference, it was about 0.55-0.6 mm/gram. And the next-following question was usually the open-type questions with a field to fully input the mass/coordinates. And I think answers to these questions were interpreted as incorrect.


And yes, I had accuracy set to two decimals in mass properties


In training documents I heard the opinion that a slight difference in mass properties can occur because of Windows 32/64 bit version differences. Exam files were created with SW 2008 something version, so obviously this is older than 64 bit version machines spread. Now I have passed the CSWP, but in segments 2 or 3 I had the minimum allowed score to pass. However, I am pretty certain I got all answers correct and the accuracy was the reason of failing some questions. This technically means I have to solve all questions correctly (not a single question can be wrong), and expect to fail some questions because of accuracy.


I am aiming for further exams - sheet metal, weldments and other, and I am afraid to face the same issues. I should have recorded my screen during CSWP for further investigation, and I certainly will in my next certification exams.


But for now, I wanted to ask if you had any similar issues and what was your experience about it ?


Thank you for your ideas